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International programs and curriculum in Agricultural science

The Master degree in Agricultural science offers a two-year study period organized over four semesters. The curriculum in Smart agriculture includes 2 semesters taught in English of 30 ECTS each, in the 2nd half of the first academic year and in the 1st half of the second year. Each semester is designed to provide a set of lessons and practical activities with groupwork on enabling technologies in agriculture. The 2nd semester in the 2nd year includes a thesis and such activities as internships and stages on farms or food-enterprises.






Y1S1 (S7)

Agricultural politics, statistics, renewable energy



Y1S2 (S8)

Decision support tools for crop management



Y2S1 (S9)

Applying decision support tools for smart agriculture



Y2S2 (S10)

Thesis and other activities


The students will acquire the capability of improving agricultural sustainability through improving technical and economic farm efficiencies integrating precision agriculture and agroecology strategies to reduce agricultural impacts.

More information are available in the study plan. Look at the single course's program to find more details.

The curriculum is suitable for both Italian students and foreign students, and in particular for Erasmus students who choose to spend one or two full semesters at the University of Torino, and for students from international study exchange programs.

DISAFA’s Agreement between VetAgro Sup of Clermont-Ferrand (France) and the University of Turin has culminated in a Mobility student exchange program being created with the following double qualifications:

  • Agricultural Engineer (Master/Bac+5 en Agronomie et Sciences Animales) from VetAgro Sup and Master Degree in Agricultural science (LM-69) from the University of Turin.

The program is aimed at obtaining a double qualification which is valid in Italy and France, recognised both by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in Italy as well as the Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation and the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche et de l'Innovation in France.

This double-degree Agreement allows the two universities to exchange a maximum of eight students (5 for Agricultural science and 3 for Animal science) for each institution and academic year.

Every year, the Call defines the number of students who can access the double degree program.

Check how many students can be admitted in the annual Call.

Access requirements and how to apply

Candidates must be enrolled in the Master Degree Programs in Agricultural science in order to access the international double degree program and apply to the annually published Mobility program Call.

The selection takes place after the November special graduation session (late November-early December).

Selections will be based on students’ academic results, motivation letter attached to the application and their English language skills.

Integrated career plan

Students must take the courses which are in their integrated career plan and which is made up of exams which have been specifically selected for the double degree prgram and chosen from those offered by both the University of Turin and Partner university.

Activities in the student’s integrated career plan can vary depending on each academic year’s curriculum.


Agricultural science Co-ordinator
Prof. Giorgio Borreani
Phone: + 39 011 6708783
Department: DISAFA


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